In celebration of WODS 15th year anniversary and Canada's 150, WODS is inviting you to take part in the first annual LeagueFest!


LeagueFest, which is happening on Saturday August 26, 2017, is an end of summer event to determine the best summer league team. It is also a chance to get players of all ages together to enjoy watching and playing some fun ultimate!


LeagueFest will include 8 teams:

  • the top two teams from Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night leagues (at the end of the regular season, prior to league playoffs) **If the top seeded teams are unable to make it, please email ASAP so that the invitation can be extended to the next qualifying team.
  • an all-star team of the top 14 salary players from FUL league (after Aug. 16th's game, 8 guys, 6 ladies)
  • a hat team open to all WODS league players (see below for more info)


Registration for the LeagueFest hat team will be opened on August 1st on Zuluru. It will be first come, first served for 8 males and 6 females. Sign up here!


The following fields will also be available during LeagueFest:


Field 1 – Youth Party

Field 7 – Older Youth

Field 6 – Adult pickup/free play - Friends and Family of league players welcome!


More Details:


Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Games duration: 80 min (10 min between games)

Score Cap: 15 (Hard 17)

Prize: $150 off next summer's team registration - to be awarded at the AGM!


Note: Water will be available, but there will be no field food.


JUST ANNOUNCED: LeagueFest has partnered with Smoke's Poutinerie in Waterloo! Smoke's Poutinerie is offering each of the 8 participating teams a FREE team poutine tray delivered right to the fields on the day of the tournament. Plus, the winning team of the Championship Game will also receive a Team Poutine Event (aka team party) to be used at a future time (arranged directly with Smoke's Poutinerie). WODS is so lucky to have Smoke's Poutinerie sponsoring our end of summer event!





*the two teams competing for the Championship Game will receive their Team Poutine Tray at 1:00pm; all other teams will receive their Team Poutine Tray at 2:20pm. 


All teams and players at LeagueFest are encouraged to stay, watch, and cheer for the Championship Game at 2:30pm!