Fields are Open! (July 5)


Great news, the fields at Kiwanis Park will be open as of July 5th. Scheduled league games will resume then.

Unfortunately, Kiwanis Park took some extensive damage during last week's flooding and the park was deemed unsafe for use. The City of Kitchener has been working on making the park safe for public use - which includes WODS Leagues! They have gotten us back to the fields as soon as they could and WODS is so appreciative! 

Please keep in the mind though that while the fields are open, the City of Kitchener has asked members to stay off the trails and contain our use to only the Ultimate fields while they continue to clean up the damage occurred from the flooding. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the field closures! 


The City has been able to re-open the upper fields at Kiwanis Park, however, there are some restrictions. 

Due to safety requirements, the following park areas are closed until further notice: 

- All trails through the park

- Playground

- Beach volleyball courts

- Picnic shelters

- Dog park and trails accessing the dog park

- All lower park access points and treed areas

The map attached identifies the areas of the park that remain off limits to the public.

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