Early Bird Offer from VC Ultimate

Early Bird Offer from VC Ultimate: $49 Sublimated Jerseys!

Help your team get that worm... and save $20 on the best sublimated jerseys around. Offer your players a long sleeve option for just +$5 (no minimum add-on orders)! Until December 15th, VC is offering fully sublimated, Canadian-made jerseys for only $49 - numbers and names included.


The not-so-small print

• No set-up fees.

• Minimum initial order of just 15 units.

• Minimum reorder: 1 unit.

• Mix-and-match short sleeve jerseys and tanks.

• Add on long sleeve versions, with no minimum order, for just $54 each.

• Orders must be confirmed and paid for by December 15th (or school purchase order received).


Interested but need a bit more time to get yourself organized? Contact VC by December 15th for an extension until January 15th – for partner league teams only! Questions? Contact VC for a no-obligation estimate or the answers to any questions info@vcultimate.com – the VC team is there to help!


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