Season 1 of WODS Fantasy Ultimate League!

Thank you to all those to participated during Season 1. We had some great races for the league leaders that literally came down to the final play of the final game of the season. I hope everyone enjoyed the new format and is willing to share their thoughts on what went well and areas where we can improve the league. WODS will be in contact with players from Season 1 to get this information later in the year.


In the meantime, our league leaders are listed below. Congrats to all those who led the league and secured a $50 gift card for some sweet gear from VC Ultimate. (

Winners can claim their prizes at the Awards Banquet and Annual General Meeting. More info to be posted at in the near future.


League Leaders, Male: At the end of the season, the leader in each category will receive a $50 VC gift card!

 Goals    Assists    D-Blocks
1. Misha Winterfeld 59   1. Alex Scott 51   1. Alex Chmura 30
2. Jordan Dyck 55   2. John-Eric Pardys 41   2. John-Eric Pardys 27
3. Josh Reitzel 32   2. Michael Stork 38   2. Alex Bedley 27


League Leaders, Female: At the end of the season, the leader in each category will receive a $50 VC gift card!

 Goals    Assists    D-Blocks
1. Alison Scott 32   1. Aline Portwine 14   1. Alison Scott 22
2. Maja Kokotovic 31   1. Mandi Butcher 14   2. Maja Kokotovic 15
3. Kristen Leal 15   2. Steph Higgins 13   2. Mandi Butcher   15


Sortable League Stats: 

League Stats - September 1, 2017



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Contact Andrew at for more information.