Welcome to Season 1 of WODS Fantasy Ultimate League!

This webpage will serve as your home base to see current rosters, weekly stat leaders, season stat leaders and standings. The League Commissioner and the GMs will convene bi-weekly to conduct trades and ensure teams are salary cap compliant. After these meetings, updated rosters will be posted to this webpage by Sunday for your review. Stats and standings will be updated every Sunday. NOTE - Zuluru will not be updated after week 1; you must visit this webpage for current rosters.


Season 1 has been given the theme of Spies/Espionage so GMs are tasked with creating a team name in this theme. You could play for any of these teams during the season, so be sure to have a shirt of all four team colours.

Rosters (Updated June 18, 2017):

 Live and Let Fly  Dycksie Normous  Huck Bartowski  Obama Microwaves
Alex Bedley M   Alex Scott M   Adrian Chung M   Alex Chmura M
Andrea Wilson F   Aline Portwine F   Brendan Wylie-Toal M   Alison Scott F
Curtis Baumann M   Andrew Higgins M   Danny Bruce M   Arthur Lui M
Dan Carlson M   Brennan Gebotys M   Jared Green M   Benjamin Page M
Demi Oba M   Catherine Schmidt F   John-Eric Pardys M   Dan Berringer M
James Yantzi M   Devon Crowell M   Jon Nelson M   Daniel Zhou M
Kevin Willms M   Duncan McIlhone M   Jon Walsh (GM) M   David Blampied M
Laila Brand F   Eric Hunsberger M   Jordan Schmidt M   Jonathan Cressman M
Laura McPhie F   Jordan Dyck (GM) M   Maja Kokotovic F   Kelvin Kung M
Mandi Butcher F   Kristen Leal F   Matthew Enss M   Josh Reitzel M
Mark Hancock M   Marcus Gaughan M   Michelle Pinto F   Lauren Annis F
Mathew McIntyre M   Matthew O'Neil M   Sheikh Mahmood M   Lindsey Oretan F
Mike Stork (GM) M   Mike Lerman M   Stephanie Higgins F   Michael Zarglis M
Scott Sweezy M   Misha Winterfeld M   Steve Chris M   Patrick Sheese (GM) M



May 18    
Player From To
Misha Winterfeld Live and Let Fly Dycksie Normous
Kristen Leal Live and Let Fly Dycksie Normous
Marcus Gaughan Live and Let Fly Dycksie Normous
Laila Brand Dycksie Normous Live and Let Fly
Matt McIntyre Dycksie Normous Live and Let Fly
Scott Sweezy Dycksie Normous Live and Let Fly
Kelvin Kung Huck Bartowski Obama Microwaves
Sheikh Mahmood Obama Microwaves Huck Bartowski
Adrian Chung Live and Let Fly Huck Bartowski
Curtis Baumann Huck Bartowski Live and Let Fly
Laura McPhie Huck Bartowski Live and Let Fly


June 1    
Player From To
Alex Chmura Dycksie Normous Obama Microwaves
Mike Lerman Obama Microwaves Dycksie Normous
Jonathan Cressman Huck Bartowski Obama Microwaves
Jared Green Obama Microwaves Huck Bartowski
Catherine Schmidt Live and Let Fly Dycksie Normous
Andrea Wilson Dycksie Normous Live and Let Fly
Arthur Lui Huck Bartowski Obama Microwaves
Steve Chris Obama Microwaves Huck Bartowski



June 18    
Player From To
Josh Reitzel  Live and Let Fly Obama Microwaves
Kevin Willms  Obama Microwaves Live and Let Fly
Michael Zarglis Dycksie Normous Obama Microwaves
Matthew O'Neil  Obama Microwaves Dycksie Normous


League Leaders, Male: At the end of the season, the leader in each category will receive a $50 VC gift card!

 Goals    Assists    D-Blocks
1. Misha Winterfeld 19   1. Mike Stork 17   1. Brendan Wylie-Toal 14
2. Jordan Dyck 16   2. Alex Scott 13   2. Alex Scott 11
3. Jonathan Cressman 13   2. Brendan Wylie-Toal 12   3. Mike Stork 10


League Leaders, Female: At the end of the season, the leader in each category will receive a $50 VC gift card!

 Goals    Assists    D-Blocks
1. Maja Kokotovic 11   1. Steph Higgins 10   1. Maja Kokotovic 9
2. Kristen Leal 7   2. 2 tied 4   2. Steph Higgins 7
3. Mandi Butcher 6           3. Alison Scott   6


Sortable League Stats: 

League Stats - June 18, 2017



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