2017 Board of Directors - Nominations Open

The Board of Directors is elected once a year at our Annual General Meeting. In line with our bylaws, this year we will elect a maximum of 10 directors with specific positions confirmed at the first meeting of the 2017 board. Any WODS member in good standing
may nominate someone they feel would be a good board member. Given the consent of the nominee, they will be included on the ballot at the AGM. The deadline for nomination is 1 week prior to the AGM. Members may nominate themselves.

If you are interested in a position on the 2017 WODS Board or know someone you feel would be an excellent board member, please submit their name to our executive director (ed@wods.ca) by 9 pm on November 17, 2016. All nominees will have the opportunity
to speak at the AGM concerning the role they are interested in serving on the 2017 BOD and their suitability for that role before the election.

Any questions can be directed to Jon Hines, the 2016 WODS Executive Director (ed@wods.ca).

General Expecations

Board members are expected to act on behalf of WODS in order to carry out the WODS mandate of growing the sport of Ultimate in Kitchener and Waterloo.  Board members are expected to attend board meetings (which are scheduled as needed but typically
occur monthly in the spring, fall and winter and once during the summer.)  They also have responsibilities related to their specific position.

2017 Positions

Executive Director


  • Represent the organization to the community, the cities and other outside groups
  • Schedule meetings of the Board and create the agenda
  • Oversee the work of the organization
  • Growth and direction of the organization
  • Maintain the direction of the strategic plan
  • Work with all other Directors to ensure success in their portfolios
  • Ensure appropriate transfer of information to new Directors



  • Manage and maintain financial records
  • Ensure timely payment of outstanding invoices
  • Ensure appropriate collection of incoming funds
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility within the organization
  • Create and present the budget
  • Regularly report finances to the Board
  • Be actively involved in the finances of leagues and tournaments
  • Maintain the corporate archive

Fields Director


  • Maintain strong relationships with cities and other fields providers
  • Ensure that relationships and knowledge are prepared for transition
  • Book needed fields
  • Handle field logistics and issues such as rental and permit changes, dangerous situations, field conflicts, etc.
  • Ensure fields are available in Zuluru

Leagues Director


  • Support league coordinators
  • Maintain consistency between leagues and share `lessons learned'
  • Determine the format of the various leagues
  • Review any discipline issues that arise
  • Communicate needs of the various leagues to the board, ex. advertising, field requirements for growth

Events Director


  • Ensure tournaments are run successfully
  • Support tournament coordinators
  • Promote tournaments
  • Coordinate volunteers (or manage whoever this is delegated to for an event)

Communications Director


  • Maintain and promote communication with the WODS membership
  • Work with other directors and coordinators to generate announcements (ex. work with Leagues Director to ensure the timely advertisement of league and with the Skills Development Coordinator to advertise clinics, etc.)
  • Ensure conformity of and provide oversight to the WODS website
  • Address media requests/advertisement
  • Represent WODS in public meeting (ex. Kiwanis Park issue of 2009)

Youth Director


  • Oversee WODS youth (players eligible for the CUC Juniors division and younger) programs including youth leagues, competitive teams and juniors events (tournaments, clinics, etc) in coordination with other directors.
  • Act as a liaison between WODS and other regional parties related to youth disc sports.
  • Facilitate coach training

At-large Representative


  • Provide additional perspective
  • Attend board meetings